SWAT Training

Team SWAT Training Activity
Team SWAT Training Activity

This paintball experience combines both indoor paintball and outdoor SWAT training. Stop running around other UK paintball sites, chasing a flag and learn how the professionals storm buildings, to arrest terrorists and criminals.

The SWAT training activity day is a truly epic experience. Train as a member of an elite special forces SWAT team. Play it for real learn the skills needed to find, fix and destroy a determined enemy. Use a variety of weapons to execute the mission: Pistol, assault rifle and the pump action shot gun. Get equipped in the latest Kevlar helmet and ballistic body armor. Work as a team to clear a terrorist bomb making factory or rescue a colleague in our purpose designed killing house. This is not paintball this is truly the most realistic, awesome first person shoot ‘em’ up scenario activity in the world.

Suggested Itinerary: (Example)

  • 10:30 – Arrive for mission brief and kit issue
  • 11:00  – Test/fire weapons
  • 11:00 -14:30 – Instructor lead activities
  • 14:30 – 15:30 – Final mission
  • 15:30 – finish, pack up kit, debrief

Bring along a T- Shirt and walking socks, good sense of humor everything else is provided. You will be supplied with the latest Kevlar helmet and ballistic body armour.

There is a minimum number of 10 people.

The price included full event management, personal team instructors and all of the equipment you will need. The experience usually last for 3 -5 hours, depending on the package chosen.


SWAT Training is a great activity for corporate team building. Your team must work together to clear a terrorist bomb making factory or rescue a colleague.


SWAT Training is an awesome activity for stag weekends. Stags get kitted out in the latest kevlar body armour and train as an elite special forces team.


Hen Parties will really enjoy SWAT Training. It is a great adventure day and really gets the whole group into high spirits.


Youth Groups will love SWAT Training. Participants get kitted out in the latest kevlar body armour and get to run around with paintball guns. They will be having so much fun, they won’t even realise they are learning valuable teamworking skills.